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Our Industries
Crushing and Grinding Equipment
Crushing operations are widely used in the processing of mineral products, waste coal, overburden dumps, and etc. Its main technological indicators are as follows: power capacity and the degree of grinding which is determined by the ratio of the rock sizes and the final product.
Drilling Equipment and Tools
Highly efficient and safe drilling devices - the sale of which is one of the activities of Tradebusinessconsulting company - will help to advance and secure the production process and will be quickly recovered. The cost of drilling devices depends on their technical characteristics – the drilling area and depth, techni
Processing, Filtration, and Screening Equipment
Tradebusinessconsulting focuses on complex provision of enterprises with mining equipment with a high level of efficiency and reliability of operation in the most severe service conditions. The company's deliverables include the following types of equipment:
Transporting Equipment
Transporting equipment in the mining industry includes machines and mechanisms that are used to handle freight of all kinds vertically and horizontally. The operating conditions impose special requirements for such devices regarding reliability, performance, and durability. You will be able to purchase various types of
Electrical Equipment
Electric motors and generator units Tradebusinessconsulting company offers a wide range of reliable and highly efficient motors and generator units for all types of use. The supplied equipment helps in any industry to achieve new levels of energy efficiency, even in the most severe operating conditions. Combining the