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Crushing and Grinding Equipment

Material mining equipment includes various groups of mechanisms and assemblies including crushers which are divided into:

Jaw crushers. The grinding process is proviede between 2 rectangular plates (jaws). Thereat, one of them is stationary, and the other one executes vibrational motions caused by the admission gear. Crushing is performed by squeezing, bending or abrasion of the source material.

Gyratory cone crusher. Structurally, they imply the presence of two cones, the rock is crushed between them. One of them is outside and stationary, and the other one is inside that performs circular vibrations against the fixed point that is located on the axis of the outside cone. Thereat, the material is broken or crushed.

Rotary crusher. There is used the principle of rock destruction by instantaneous loads. This device is manufactured in the form of solid frame. It has a rotor that rotates at high speed. There are fixed blades on its outer surface that are called hammers. Material grinding is provided during the blows on it by the hummers and further blows of the crushed fragments on the surface of the baffle plates. Thereat, there could be achieved the high (10...20) degree of crushing. 

Roll crushers. The operating components are cylindrical rolls that are placed parallely. They rotate at the opposite direction with the same speed. Rolls could be slugger, plain or corrugated . Plain rolls are used for fine crushing, and corrugated and slugger rolls are used for medium crushing.

Hammer crushers. Their crusher chamber has a cylindrical shape, hammers are floated on a rotating rotor. The rock is crushed by fast-moving hammers when the rotor moves, as well as by the force of blows of the crushed fragments against the walls of crusher chamber.
Each type of equipment has its own specifications of use. Experienced specialists of Tradebusinessconsulting will help you determine the type of equipment.