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Electrical Equipment


Our company offers transformer production from the leaders of this industry. Transformers used in the mining industry are designed for operation in fireproof, massive tanks often moved on large mining machines. Tanks of these transformers should meet the requirements of the mining industry in regard to fire resistance and very restricted dimensions, so the transformers for these tanks are relatively low and adapted to severe working conditions.  

High-voltage and low-voltage equipment

High-voltage equipment includes the broad range of complex devices designed to operate under a voltage of more than 1 kV and perform a variety of functions. Significantly, it determines the continuity, safety, and cost efficiency of energy supply to various objects. These could be as follows:

Switchgear cubicles (Switchgear)
Vacuum and oil switches;

Disconnecting devices;

Short-circuiters, as well as isolating switches;

Surge arresters;


Low-voltage equipment includes electrical equipment with a voltage of up to 1 kV. Such equipment could be found quite often in everyday life.

Networks up to 1 kV are provided in everyday life, in public buildings and administrative facilities. It includes devices that ensure the safe

operation of a low-voltage network:

Constant voltage regulators;

Automatic breakers;

Electric meters;

Differential current protection devices;

Voltage converters;

Switching devices.

Our company also supplies such types of products as lamps and lighting materials, electric pumps and compressors, cables, wires, switches,

insulators, surveillance cameras, turbines, exhausters, blasting equipment.